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This small group is dedicated to all those people who can benefit from the unconditional love of an animal.

To view Stampede Of Love's year in review videos and more, just click here.

This site has been developed for all of those interested in spreading awareness about animal therapy and programs for people of all ages with special needs. "Leo", our original little ambassador, is an ultra tiny Miniature horse standing only 27" tall. His role in our "Stampede Of Love" is to share his warm and loving nature to brighten the day of these amazing individuals. Since we began this journey with Leo in 2004, we have added Lola, Taz and most recently Leo's son Kiwi to our Stampede of Love team. Please visit our site often to view photos from recent events and check our Calendar link for future outings. Animals have an amazing way of touching people. The smiles upon their faces and joyful laughter are nothing short of a miracle. Please join us on our incredible ride.

Thanks for galloping through,
Hugs, Tara, Mary, Leo, Lola, Taz & Kiwi

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